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Refinish Your Front Door

Refinish Your Front Door

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    The front door may be one of the first things people notice when they pull up to your home. While it looks great in the beginning, it is exposed to the elements over time. That means you may require front door refinishing St Petersburg FL at some point. If the paint is starting to dull, the wood looks like it’s cloudy, or there is any damage to the front door, we can help fix it and get it to look stunning once again. We work on a variety of types of front doors, so were can refinish yours right away.

    Refinish or Replace?

    The big decision is often whether to replace the front door or to look into exterior door refinishing. This boils down to both personal preference and price. If the door is badly damaged, replacement might be easier. If it’s a little loose, has some missing paint, or needs otherwise relatively minor repairs to get it back into shape, refinishing might be better. Even if the damage looks significant, get a quote. Refinishing might be a lot less expensive, so that can give you a better idea of whether to refinish or replace. The only times to look into replacement would be when you desire a different type of front door or when the damage is so extensive that replacement would be around the same cost as repair.

    More Than Just a Coat of Paint

    Refinishing isn’t just a coat of new paint, although the front door can be painted. Refinishing can also include fixing any damage to the door, sanding off the old paint, and replacing the hardware, so the door works properly again. When you get a quote for refinishing and repair, talk to the professional about what your concerns are and what needs to be fixed. If the only thing that’s wrong is the paint is peeling or dull, just repainting might be all that’s needed.

    Let the Pros Do the Work

    When it comes to door refinishing, letting the pros handle the job may be a good idea. It can be more complicated than just putting a fresh coat of paint over the existing paint since the door faces the outside. When the paint is peeling, it will need to be removed as much as possible, and the door will need to be sanded, so the surface is smooth again. Then, new paint needs to be applied correctly to avoid streaks or other issues. Once everything is done, the door needs to be rehung, and the hardware needs to be put back on.

    If your front door is looking like it could use a little attention, exterior door refinishing might be needed. This can include small repairs as well as repainting the whole door to get it to look stunning again. Since this is the entrance to your home and a part everyone will see, you’ll want to make sure it looks great. Call us today to schedule a quote or to have your door refinished.

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