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Don't Replace – Have Your Furniture Repaired

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    Whether the furniture’s something you purchased or something you were handed down, if it breaks, that doesn’t mean it’s time to throw it away and get something new. Quality furniture is very expensive, so replacing it will be costly as well. Thankfully, most furniture doesn’t need to be tossed for the trash company to collect. Instead, we can handle the furniture repair St Petersburg FL for you to get the furniture back in good shape. 

    The Problem With Replacing Furniture

    Replacing furniture does have a few issues. There is the issue of what happens to furniture that is thrown away – it ends up in the landfill. Depending on the damage to the furniture, it may be possible to give it away for free and for someone else to have it fixed, but that does mean you’ll need to purchase something new. It can be difficult to find the perfect furniture in your budget, and you’ll likely need to wait for it to be shipped to your home. Instead, when possible, it’s likely a better idea to stick with what you already have.

    What Damage Can be Fixed

    A lot of damage can be fixed, even if it looks like it’s irreparable. If a leather sofa has started peeling, it does look bad. However, leather furniture repair can be done to get it back into shape fast. If a leg for a chair or table has broken, it can be repaired and look like new once again. Scratches that are on the furniture can be fixed as well, and you can have fabric replaced on sofas and oversized chairs, so they’re able to be used without issue once again. Just about any repair can be done, and the furniture will look great and be useable once again.

    What to Expect During Repairs

    Whether you need wood furniture repair or something else, it starts with an inspection to determine the extent of the repair and the techniques needed to fix it. It is possible that the furniture can be repaired at your home, though specialized repairs may need to be done off-site. Once the damage is determined, the professionals will get to work. The type of repair done depends on the damage, so each repair may look different. When the damage is fully repaired, the professional will restore any finish, so the furniture looks like new again.

    If you have furniture that’s damaged, think again before tossing and replacing it, especially if the furniture is vintage or sentimental. Instead, it is possible to have almost any kind of furniture fixed so you can start using it again. Our team can perform the repairs needed to almost any type of furniture, so we can restore it for you. Then, you won’t have to worry about the high cost of replacing the furniture or trying to find something new that you like just as much as the piece you have. Call us now to learn more about furniture repairs or to schedule an appointment for a consultation.


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